Premier Membership Subscription

Smartware premier is here

  • Are you good in recruiting?
  • Are you looking for a fast delivery?
  • Do you like getting products without paying money?
  • Do you like events without events cost?
  • Do you like paying half price for the products you like?
  • Do you like saving without costs?
  • Do you like getting paid monthly?
  • Do you like membership cards?
  • Do you like to take stock and pay later?
  • Do you like free rides?

If your answer is yes, well premier is your new name, at smartware we want to grow with you by serving you what matters most, we know that making money is not easy as everyone is looking for it, but working together we will benefit together, introducing smartware premier member at only R179 per month, and that means you get 50% margin to selected products, free catalogue monthly, get table top decoration for your events without paying any cent (refer to last page about premier events), get products by recruiting( see catalogue), get monthly salaries and get all your premiums back on your event date , and be treated like a premier, and much much more, refer to your catalogue for what more you get, That means with smartware premier, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Or get smart, smartware smart member, get 35% margin on all bedding and bathroom ware at smartware, plus you get 10% on your top ups that are to be used in three months’ time and that comes to you for only R80 per month. Then, what are you waiting for? Join smartware membership rewards now.